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          Release: 02/01/2010
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Telecare TV and Telecare TV FAQ

Welcome to Telecare TV and Telecare TV. This season, every fan will have the ability to obtain an all-access pass to the Telecare - The Best in Catholic Television! ® through the new Telecare TV and Telecare TV.

What is Telecare TV?

Telecare TV is the official web site of the Telecare - The Best in Catholic Television! ®. Telecare TV is available to everyone who can access the Internet and contains articles, press releases, and other important content provided by Telecare TV

What is Telecare TV?

Telecare TV is a premium content, subscription-based web product that is found on Telecare TV. Telecare TV is brought to you by the Athletic Department and specifically focuses on streaming video (live and archived) and other exclusive content. Additionally, Telecare TV offers premium stats packages, gamecast interfaces, special members-only features and offers, and will continue to offer new and exciting features to its members.


Telecare TV System Requirements

Telecare TV live programming and archived video can only be utilized through a high-speed Internet connection, such as cable, DSL, or satellite. If your connection to the Internet is by dial-up modem or is slower than a DSL connection you will not be able to watch Telecare TV media, but you may be able to utilize audio only broadcasts. A DSL, cable modem or other high speed connection is required for viewing.

In addition to having a high-speed Internet connection, your computer should meet or exceed the following recommended system requirements:

The minimum requirements for Windows computers are:

The minimum requirements for Mac computers are:

Audio Capability

In order to hear the audio components of our films and animations, your computer must be equipped with a 16-bit or better sound card and speakers


Some types of firewalls may prevent viewing live events on Telecare TV. Please consult the Firewall manufacturer or Documentation for specific instructions on how to configure your firewall to allow multicast information through.

The video doesn't look very good:

Most issues with video quality are related to bandwidth issues.  Please check to make sure that no other devices are using bandwidth resources, and that you do not have any other programs running that could reduce your bandwidth, such as pier to pier downloads, torrents, or live updating anti-virus programs. In order to view video, users should have a minium download speed of 650 kbps. Click the links below to test your bandwidth.

Why can I access the content at home but not while at work, a hotel, school, etc.?

Your work, school, or the hotel could have network settings which either restricts the access to some content or to content which requires large amounts of bandwidth to access. You would need to discuss these restrictions with the network administrator for them to allow you access. Also, if you are using a computer that does not allow you administrator rights there could be restrictions on the type of content you are allowed to access such as live multicast video, you would also need to talk to the computer administrator to allow your profile access to such content.

I have high-speed wireless internet, but still seem to be having buffering problems?

While wireless internet can provide convenience for many lower bandwidth internet applications, it is not optimal for the higher speeds required for live video streaming. Over a wireless router you can experience large amount of bandwidth fluctuation from other computers on your network and also from external devices which can interfere with the wireless signal. If you are experiencing poor video quality or frequent buffering, we recommend connecting directly to the router or modem to provide higher quality and more consistent signal. Click the links below to test your bandwidth.

I cannot view the content:

  • There may be an error with your browser. Try closing the browser, reopening it, clearing your browser cache, and accessing it again.
  • Your Internet Service Provider may be experiencing problems with their service. If you cannot view other pages, and if the problem persists, you should contact your Internet Service Provider.
  • If you experience any further problems, please contact Customer Service here

I can play the daily videos but none of the videos from the live events

If you are running Windows XP, Vista, or 7, try disabling the Windows  firewall

Open the Control Panel from the Start Menu
Click on Network and Internet Connections
Click on Network Connections
Right click your Internet connection in the window and click "Properties"
Click on the "Advanced" tab
Make sure that the Internet Connection Firewall is unchecked

The video and audio are out of sync

This might be a sound card or driver issue. Check for sound card driver updates from your vendor and from http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com. Download the latest DirectX from Windows Update as well.


I have a router/firewall. Will that cause problems with broadcasts?

If you have a router/firewall then this would also need to be configured to allow multicasting. Another option would be to disable the firewall for the event and then enabled once the event is over. For assistance with configuration please consult the manufacturer of your router/firewall.

I cannot view any broadcast. The media player never loads the control options such as play/pause, stop, and volume control.

Do you have any kind of security software installed on your computer such as McAfee, Norton, or Zone Alarm? If so please try to disable the software. If you are not sure if you have any of that software then you can check by clicking on Start and going to the control panel. Look for add/remove programs. This will give you a list of software installed on your computer. Some security software can block Active X or Flash controls that our site requires. Please try to disable the software. If you do not want to disable the software for security purposes, please check the configuration. For assistance with configuration please consult the software manufacturer.


While we respond to every support request that comes in through this site, there are several reasons as to why you may not have gotten a response. You may have typed the incorrect address in the reply-to category, or the e-mail may have been sent to the incorrect address. We will not respond to any emails that include foul or abusive language. Our response may also be caught in the spam or junk filter of your email client. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our web site, please contact us here.

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