St. Joseph's College "Transforming Communities" - St. Joseph's College has been transforming lives since 1916- not only the lives of students, but the lives of those who reside within the local and global communities, too. "Transforming Communities" is reflected in the school's mission, which revolves around five core values -integrity, spirituality, intellectual curiosity, social responsibility, and service. Throughout the series we will see how they inspire every member of the St. Joseph's community to uphold these values, and reach out in positive, long-lasting ways to benefit the broader communities around us. AIR DATES: Tuesday 8:00pm, Wednesday 7:30pm, and Friday 10:00pm.

"Hospitality & Tourism Management (Part II)" - New York State’s hospitality and tourism industry is growing rapidly, and the need for expert, experienced professionals in the field is on the rise. Join us as we discuss the new Hospitality and Tourism Management Department at St. Joseph’s College and how they are working closely with the industry to provide the education and training that will meet the needs of this growing and diverse industry. Host: Dr. Christopher Frost, Executive Dean, St. Joseph’s College Long Island Campus Panel: Gail Lamberta, Janice Scarinci, Andrea Novello, Bryan DeLuca.


"Successful Alumni" - Today’s show is focused on the success of St. Joseph’s College graduates, and their experience at the college as a whole. This group of successful alumni represent so many other St. Joseph’s College graduates who received the necessary support and training in their college endeavors and have continued to experience success in their post-college careers, as well.  Host: Paige Carbone, Director of Alumni Relations, St. Joseph’s College Office of Institutional Advancement Panel: Nick Marter, Patrick Corcoran, Andrea Rosado-Cepeda, Frances Rosado.


“Bring the World Your Best” - Four undergraduate students discuss their experiences at St. Joseph’s College.  The students have actively pursued learning at all levels, made important contributions to the College, and are ready to bring their best to the world around them.  Hosts: Susan Hudec, Dean of Students and Student Life; Jaime Vacca-Hoefner, Director of Student Activities (Brooklyn Campus) Panel: Kristen Leonard, Dylan Gafarian, David Louison, Tricia Gaya. 


“The New College Guide” - Author and international educational consultant Marguerite J. Dennis shares advice about the college admissions process based off of her book, “The New College Guide – How to Get In, Get Out, and Get a Job.” The book contains 100 questions to ask about college, and aims to simplify the decision for both parents and students. HOSTS: Theresa LaRocca-Meyer, Vice President for Enrollment Management, and Gigi Lamens, Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management.


"Selecting the College that's Right for You" - Join us as we focus on the college selection process, and the efforts of high schools and colleges to help students find the "right-fit" college or university.  HOSTS: Theresa LaRocca-Meyer, Vice President for Enrollment Management, and Gigi Lamens, Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management.  PANEL: Christine Curcio-Flynn, Ellen Burti, Kim Hearney, Christine Johnson, Victoria Iuni, Kelsey Krumholz.



“Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM)” - Join us as we are introduced to St. Joseph’s College new and exciting degree program in hospitality and tourism management.  Available at both the Brooklyn and Long Island campuses, this program provides students a connection to this booming industry.  Host: Dr. Christopher Frost, Academic Dean – Long Island Campus  Panel:  Dr. Richard Greenwald, Dr. Gail Lamberta, Theresa LaRocca-Meyer, Moke McGowan


"Empowering All Students to Succeed" - Join us as we talk about the importance of supporting college students by highlighting St. Joseph's partnership with the Institute for Student Achievement (ISA) and the importance of career mentors on college campuses. Host: Theresa LaRocca-Meyer, Vice President for Enrollment Management. Panel: Dr. Gerry House, Dr. Richard Greenwald, Dr. Anne Maitland, Enid Otoo, Stephanie Estevez.


"Sustaining our Environment" - Join us as we highlight the biology and environmental studies programs at St. Joseph's College, where students, faculty and staff from the Patchogue campus have collaborated with town officials in an effort to revitalize Patchogue Lake, a beautiful body of water owned by the Village of Patchogue. Host: Sister Suzanne Franck, CSJ, Ph.D., Director of the Academic Advisement Center, and Dr. Mohammad Rana, Ph.D., Professor of Biology. Panel: Patchogue Mayor Paul Pontieri, Amanda Gardener, Ashley Skilton.


"College Admissions" - Join us as we discuss the complexities of the College Admissions with our panelists, who will offer great insights and suggestions to assure you that the process does not have to be complicated. Host: Theresa LaRocca-Meyer, Vice President for Enrollment Management. Panel: Amy Thompson, Director of Financial Aid; Kathleen Magistro, Sr. Associate Director of Admissions; and Janine Farraj, Coordinator for Enrollment Communications.



"Veteran's Initiative Program" - Join us as we highlight the unique collaboration between St. Joseph's College and area institutions that serve our nation's veterans. Host: Gail Lamberta Ph.D., Professor and Chairperson of Recreation and Leisure studies. Panel: Stephen Fuchs, Shannon O'Neill, Susan Pisano, Lee Grace Cannella.


"Universal Pre-K" - Join us as we highlight the widespread impact that St. Joseph's Universal Pre-K Program is having on area children and families in our local school districts. Host: Mary Fritz Ed.D., Associate Professor of Child Study Dept. and Director of Universal Prekindergarten Programs. Panel: Peggy Miller, Trish McMahon, Catherine Monaco, Theresa LaRocca Meyer.


"MBA and Healthcare Management" - Join us as we highlight how St. Joseph's College is building healthier communities by training professionals to better understand their field. Host: Mary Chance, Director of the Graduate Management Studies. Panel: John Sardella, Mark Solazzo, Kathleen Mazza, Roger Sullivan, Sandie Boddice.


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