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Guided by Grace
05/20/2016 14:07:29 (ET)

Telecare introduces Guided by Grace, a panel discussion program where Catholic women share their experiences and journeys of faith and spirituality as they explore issues with views rooted in foundations of Catholic beliefs and tradition.

Sr. Meghan McArdle, a member of the Ursuline Sisters of Tildonk community, Allison O'Brien, the Respect Life Office Director for the Diocese of Rockville Centre, Carly-Anne Gannon, Director of Religious Education at St. Ignatius Loyola Parish in New York City, and television news reporter Magee Hickey share a journey of faith and discovery with the hope of bringing themselves and all women of faith closer to Holy Mary, Mother of God, striving to traverse a journey truly Guided by Grace.

Guided by Grace

Guided by Grace invites viewers to join the discussion Tuesday 11:00pm, Wednesday 7:30pm, Thursday, 10:30am and Friday 10:30pm. 

Viewers are encouraged to join the discussion by emailing questions, comments, and program topic suggestions to: 

Guided by Grace - Faith and the Military.  To live a life of service to God, or to live a life of service to your country are both honorable duties.  Join the hosts as they discuss how military chaplains proudly serve their faith and their country at the same time in order to provide support to a parish all over the world.  Telephone Guest:  Most Rev. Robert J. Coyle - Auxiliary Bishop, Archdiocese for the Military Services, Vicar for the Eastern Half of the United States Vicariate.

Guided by Grace - Women and Diversity in the Church. The Catholic Church is made up of many cultures, ethnicities and races. Join the hosts as they take a look into multiples cultures and share insight on how even in our diverse church, we are all one in Christ. GUESTS: Darcel Whitten-Wilamowski - Coordinator, Office of Multicultural Diversity, Diocese of Rockville Centre, NY and Sr. Flor Buruca, OP - Dominican Sisters of Amityville, NY. 

Guided by Grace - Life Matters: Assisted Suicide. Life is a gift from God. All life at every stage is precious… Join the hosts as they discuss the topic of physician-assisted suicide and having the strength to embrace death, instead of providing a means to end life. GUEST: Kathleen Gallagher - Director of Pro-Life Activities, New York State Catholic Conference.

Guided by Grace - Catholic Social Teaching.  Our relationship to our neighbor is bound up in our relationship to God.  This, and many other truths help make up the principles of Catholic Social Teaching – the central and essential element of our faith.  Join the hosts as they discuss these basic fundamental beliefs of our faith and how we can strive to live them throughout our daily lives.  GUEST: Laura Cassell – CEO, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Rockville Centre.


Guided By Grace - Holy Scripture and the Structure of Mass. We memorize countless facts, figures and phrases in our daily lives. Our minds and bodies are trained to go through our daily routines – one of those routines we have memorized may include prayer, or the structure of mass – but do we truly know the meanings and reasons behind all of these actions we perform? Join the hosts this week as they discuss the structure of mass and Holy Scripture to better understand the meaning behind the rituals of our faith. GUEST: Msgr. James McNamara - Vicar of the Central Vicariate, Diocese of Rockville Centre, Pastor of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Church, Point Lookout, NY, & Host, St. Paul, Priest and Pastor.

Guided By Grace - Growing in Our Faith. The decision to enter the Church is the beginning of a lifelong relationship with God. But, learning and growing with God doesn’t end when you have completed the sacraments! Everyone can continue to learn and study the gospel no matter what their age of experience in the Church. Join the hosts this week to discuss this idea of lifelong learning and how we can continue to grow in our faith.
GUEST: Sr. Mary Alice Piil, CSJ – Director of Faith Formation, Diocese of Rockville Centre & Co-Host, Everyday Faith Live!

Guided By Grace - Laudato Si. Laudato Si is the new appeal from Pope Francis addressed to “every person living on this planet” for an inclusive dialogue about how we are shaping the future of our planet. In this encyclical, Pope Francis calls the Church and the world to acknowledge the urgency of our environmental challenges and to join him in embarking on a new path. Join the hosts this week as we discuss what is being asked of us and what we can do to better the world in which we live.

Guided by Grace - Year of Consecrated Life Pope Francis declared that a Year of Consecrated Life (YCL) be celebrated throughout the world beginning on the First Sunday of Advent, November 30, 2014 and close on the World Day of Consecrated Life, February 2, 2016.  As the Pope calls for us to “Wake up the World” to the joy of men and women religious, join our hosts this week to discuss how we can to look to the past with gratitude, live the present with passion and embrace the future with hope. GUEST: Sr. Bethany Madonna, Sisters of Life

Guided by Grace – Ethics/Religion in Business. As Catholics, we aim to uphold our Church teachings and values in all aspects of our lives, not just during our spiritual activities or things we might do on Sundays.  How we treat each other on a daily basis, respect others’ dignity, and practice ethical behavior, including in a workplace environment, should be consistent with our beliefs.  Join our hosts on today’s show as they discuss potential moral and ethical situations we may face, and how we can stay true to the mission of Jesus.
GUEST: Lawrence Calcano, Managing Partner, iCapitol Network, Inc.

Guided by Grace - Re-engaging Catholics.  If you’ve been away from the Catholic Church for any reason, deciding to join or return can help bring authentic love and happiness into your life, but, like many things, taking the first step can seem intimidating.  Join the hosts this week as they discuss how taking time to learn about the teachings of the church, attending mass, and encouraging others around us to do the same can help us to find meaning and purpose in our lives.  PHONE GUEST: Tom Peterson, President & Founder, Catholics Come Home 

Guided by Grace - The Virtue of Chastity.  According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, all of Christ’s faithful are called to lead a chaste life.  Commonly confused with celibacy or abstinence, on today’s show we will discuss the virtue of chastity, and how we can make the conscious decision to live a life of moral purity and fully live the plan God has for us.  GUESTS:  Lamar Edwards & Kayla Stadelman, Missionaries, The Culture Project.  SKYPE GUEST:  Dawn Eden, Author, The Thrill of the Chaste (Catholic Edition)

Guided by Grace - Project Rachel.  Abortion is a life changing event, and you are not alone in your suffering. Project Rachel is the Catholic Church’s healing ministry to those who have been involved in abortion.  There are people available to speak with who understand your grief and can help you through this difficult time, and it’s important to know that women, men, family or friends can find forgiveness, healing, and hope through this ministry, as Jesus Christ’s mercy and forgiveness are available for all people, even those who have had an abortion.  SKYPE GUEST: Vicki Thorn, Foundress, Project Rachel Ministry National Office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation & Healing.

Guided by Grace - The Importance of Marriage and the Family.  Pope Francis is scheduled to visit the United States for the first time this fall.  The papal visit comes as part of the 8th World Meeting of Families, which will be hosted in Philadelphia from September 22 - 27.  On today’s show we discuss the event’s theme, “Love is Our Mission: The Family is fully alive,” as well as the importance of marriage, and family and how each can be strengthened.  PHONE GUEST:  Tim Roder, USCCB Associate Director, Subcommittee for the Promotion and Defense of Marriage, Secretariat of Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth. 

Guided by Grace - Women’s Reproductive Health. When a couple discovers they are infertile, they may experience a great deal of frustration and suffering. Today we would like to introduce you to the Gianna Center, where the practice of NaPro technology, a natural, moral, and effective solution, can help diagnose and treat women’s health conditions with a deep commitment to honoring a woman’s dignity and the sanctity of human life. GUEST: Anne Nolte, M.D., Co-founder and Medical Director, National Gianna Center for Women’s Health and Fertility.

Guided by Grace - The Joy of the Gospel. Since his election on March 13, 2013, Pope Francis has garnered attention from Catholics and non-Catholics alike. With the release of his first apostolic exhortation “Evangelii Gaudium, or, “The Joy of the Gospel,” our hosts aim to discuss the important words that our holy father has published, and what he requests of his people in the New Evangelization. PHONE GUEST: Katherine Hayes, Ph.D., Professor of Scripture, Seminary of the Immaculate Conception.

Guided by Grace - Sports and Spirituality.  We are all aware of the importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle, and our physical talents are true gifts from God.  Today we will discuss how we can combine our exercise and our faith to lead us to a longer relationship with God’s beautiful earth, with ourselves, and with each other.  SKYPE GUEST:  Theresa Shank Grentz, U.S. Olympics Women’s Basketball Coach and Author.

Guided by Grace - Prayer.  What is prayer?  We close our eyes, clasp our hands, and recite certain memorized words.  Maybe we search deep in our hearts as we ask the lord to hear our concerns.  But, what if we don’t know what to pray for, or if we think our prayers are not being answered?  Or, how do we fit prayer into our already busy lives?  This show will take your prayer intentions to another level and help us to grow in our faith, through prayer.  GUEST: Jacqueline von Zwehl, Faith-based Relationship Expert and Author.  PHONE GUEST: Mary DeTurris Poust, Author, Columnist, Blogger.

Guided by Grace - Catholic Education. What are the unique benefits of a Catholic Education? Today the hosts discuss the academic excellence and spiritual values that students receive in this supportive environment, as well as offer suggestions on how to help afford your child’s education. GUEST: Sr. Joanne Forker, CSJ, Ed.D., Principal, Sacred Heart Academy.

Guided by Grace - Human Trafficking. It can happen to men, women, adults, and children. Human trafficking is an important human rights issue that is happening in our own communities. Today the hosts speak with wonderful guests who have devoted their lives to help prevent, identify, and put an end to this crime, as well as assist those who have fallen victim. GUEST: Sr. Connie Kennedy, CSJ, Member of NY-CRC-STOP. SKYPE Guest: Rachel Lloyd, Founder and CEO of GEMS.


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