Join Msgr. Jim Vlaun and Karen Danca-Smith as they explore the unique ways that people are giving back in our church and in our community.  In the midst of hard times and “bad” news, it’s important to highlight those who are doing their best to make the world a better place.  Remember, whatever you do this week, keep on spreading the Good News.

Good News - Speak to a Global Audience

Good News - Cathedrals: The Work of Generations

Good News - Find Your Home

Good News - Sisters & Schools

Good News - Healthcare with a Conscience

 Good News - Support One Another

Good News - I Will

Good News - A Bright Future

Good News - A Larger World

 Good News - Lives of Service

 Good News - Reboot Your Faith

Good News - Catholics of African Ancestry


Good News - Sow Hope This Christmas

Good News - Stand Firm in Faith

Good News - Stengthen the Family

 Good News - Go Into All The World

 Good News - Respect, Compassion, & Healing

 Good News - Place of Peace: A Good News Special

Good News - This American Church

 Good News - Give Them Comfort and Joy

Good News – Self Sacrifice

Good News – History Measured in Decades

Good News - A Light for my Path...

Good News - Now and at the Hour...

Good News - Focus on the Future

Good News - Find Peace

Good News - Change Your Perspective

Good News - Planting Hope in The Dominican Republic

Good News - Make History

Good News - Never Give Up 

Good News - Protecting Our Young People

Good News - On The Stage!

Good News - Fighting Poverty

Good News - Christmas Show 2014 

Good News - Find Your Path 

Good News - The Next Generation 

Good News - Special Masses  

Good News - Glory to God 

Good News - The Least of Us

Good News - Transforming Communities

Good News - Our Universal Church 

Good News - Welcome Back!

Good News - Teachers  

 Good News - For Over a Century...

Good News - Catholic in the Workplace

Good News - Sonny Fox & Wonderama

Good News - Sainthood (Venerable Fr. Anthony Vincent Gallo) Part 2. 

Good News - Sainthood (Venerable Fr. Anthony Vincent Gallo) Part 1.


Good News - Rejuvenation in the Church

Good News - Healing Those in Need 

Good News - Bishop Camillo Ballin & Aid to the Church in Need 

Good News - 2014 Mid-Atlantic Congress

Good News - Charitable Lay People

Good News - In Service to the Church 

Good News - Medical Miracles 


Good News - Catholic Higher Education


Good News - Christmas Special!


Good News - Catholic Pilgrimages


Good News - Catholics in the Public eye 


Good News - Hurricane Sandy: One Year Later


Good News - Catholic Lay Ministry


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